Translation Services

You can depend on us to ensure an accurate,
timely and stress-free translation of your materials.

This is how it works:

arrow We work with you to establish a timeline and manage the project so that it is delivered on schedule.
arrow We ensure that the integrity of the information is maintained and the outcome resonates with the target audience. This includes attention to details such as conversion of currency, units of measure, calendar formatting, etc.
arrow We provide regular updates on the progress of the project and incorporate your revisions.
arrow We always maintain strict confidentiality. We do not object to signing acceptable confidentiality agreements.
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Phone: +1 847 778 8460
Fax:+1 847 885 3512

Express Translations

urgent translations
24-hour service
We can translate texts of up to 5,000 words in one business day.

Website Translations

website translations
Turn-key files
We supply pages ready to be uploaded and even take care of SEO.

Document Translations

document translations
Any volume project
We translate manuals, marketing materials, letters, books, etc.
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