Site Translations supports Kidlink

Leading Spanish translation service offers pro bono translations to help children understand themselves, set goals for life and develop life-skills.

Chicago, January 7, 2008 – Site Translations, Inc. (, a leading Spanish translation services company, recently included Kidlink as a recipient of its pro bono work program.

Kidlink is based on the idea that getting the kids around the world to talk to each other will allow them to share knowledge with friends having the common experience of childhood but often in very different circumstances.

Kidlink’s participants live in countries all over the world. Their societies have very different views on social, ethical, legal, religious and moral issues. Kidlink encourages participants to value these differences, and use them as a means of gaining a better insight into all views of a particular issue. The hope is that when Kidlink kids become adults they will take a more global and long-term perspective on issues, rather than acting to maximize local, short-term interests.

About Kidlink

Kidlink is a non-commercial organization that offers free educational programs for children and youth all over the world. Since its start in 1990, Kidlink is used by participants from 176 countries. Its knowledge network is run by over 500 volunteers, and information is available in over 30 languages. For more information, please visit

About Site Translations, Inc.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Site Translations specializes in delivering high-quality English to Spanish translation and interpretation services in a timely and cost-effective manner. The company’s success continues to be built on a reputation for excellence, reliability and high customer service standards.For more information, please visit

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