Spanish lessons now offered by Site Translations

For all those who need to learn Spanish to better communicate with their clients and employees, Site Translations is here and ready to help.

Schaumburg, Illinois, March 11, 2009 Being able to communicate in Spanish is fast becoming a real need for many professionals. Site Translations, Inc. ( a leading translation services agency, is aware of this and as such, is launching a new Learn Spanish Program geared towards individuals or group situations.

Site Translations' Learn Spanish Program offers Spanish lessons, for business purposes or simply to learn a second language. The Spanish language classes are tailored based on industry-specific content or individual interests. As such, the company caters to those who would like to learn Spanish for the purpose of operating in medical practices, retail, real estate, travel & entertainment, etc. or just to learn the language per se.

Corporate Spanish lessons focus on effective communication at work, not academic proficiency. Site Translations' courses use industry-specific terms and phrases in a simple, easy-to-understand format. There is no prior Spanish experience necessary. The main emphasis is placed on learning Spanish terms and phrases that are related to a company's activities.

The new Learn Spanish Program is fun, energetic and geared towards many industries, occupations and trades to improve communication, teamwork and efficiency. Individual or group lessons will be held at our local Schaumburg location or at a corporation's place of business.

About Site Translations, Inc.

Headquartered in Schaumburg, Chicagoland area, Site Translations specializes in delivering high-quality translation and interpreting services in a timely and cost-effective manner.  The company’s success continues to be built on a reputation for excellence, reliability and high customer service standards.  Services provided include business and human resources translations, certified translations, legal and financial translations, medical translations, technical translations, as well as interpreting on site or over the phone. Site Translations also offers foreign language classes.

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